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NURSE AIDE COURSE OVERVIEW 144 hrs.- Residential

The program includes theory, lab skills, and clinical practicum. nursing aides (NAs) receive a broad range of training including; infection control, communication and interpersonal skills, safety and emergency procedures, personal care skills, psycho-social needs, basic restorative services and skills, basic nursing skills, quality improvement, etc. The nurse aide assists patients with activities of daily living (feeding, dressing, bathing, etc). They work in hospitals, assisted living facilities, nursing homes, healthcare agencies and work on private cases. Nurse aides (NAs) also typically assist in patient charting and instruction, documenting any care that is given, and reporting significant observations to the nursing staff.
 aides enjoy solid job security and work a flexible schedule. Typical work settings for the Nurse Aide include long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics, and in the home.

The program is short, thorough, and fast and offers you great experience and the ability to get into the healthcare field in just a few weeks. Total Instructional and Clinical Hours are 144, after which students take the NA state board certification exams.


Our admission process is designed to be transparent, friendly, and stress-free as possible. We therefore require all applicants to read about the admission process thoroughly before applying. In case you need help at any point in the admission/application process, please call for assistance on (571) 379-7045

Entry Requirements:

  • There is no pre-requisite educational requirement when applying for the Nurse Aide Program; high school preferred.  English fluency is strongly recommended.



  • Interested applicants must submit their application online or in person and pay a NON REFUNDABLE Application fee of $75.00

  • Applicants must furnish the school with the following documents subsequently: ID, SSN card, PPD/Chest X- Test, Valid CPR and criminal background check

If an applicant decides not to pursue admission into the program or does not show up in class at all, the amount of $225 shall be refunded.

  • Submit the required documents by the required date

  • The cost of the NA Textbook and Workbook is $45

  • Contact the school to purchase text books/study materials


Morning Schedule:

Monday : 9am - 5:30pm

Wednesday: 9am - 5:30pm

Friday : 9am-5:30pm


Weekend Schedule: 

Saturday – Sunday: 9am-5:30pm


Start Dates:

Morning: June 15, 2020

Weekend: June 20, 2020

Certified Nursing Aide

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