Teaching Philosophy

Ultimate Health School believes in the best quality Nursing and Allied health education and therefore we base our teaching philosophy on the principles of the theoretical frame work of Dorothea Orem’s Self-Care Deficit Nursing Theory which suggests that “All Patients/People wish to care for themselves”.
Hence our teaching philosophy takes into consideration the following:

  • That all students at UHS are distinct individuals with diverse capabilities, needing individualized attention to learn and to perform

  • Inculcating critical thinking methods and approaches with our students breeds confidence, creativity, professionalism and responsibility 

  • Active involvement and engagement of students in classroom, lab and clinical settings anticipates, identifies and fills any knowledge gaps


UHS is dedicated to providing top quality nursing education and allied health programs to those seeking health care related educational curricula. The vision is to provide a fully encompassed nursing degree programs and supportive allied health curricula by 2024.  The allied health and nursing educational curricula are venues through which UHS graduates develop their skills in supporting this philosophy.

Program List


Tuition & Fees


Practical Nursing Program (PN) 

Application Fee $100.00,   

Entrance Exam $50.00,    

Tuition Fee $10,000   

Professional Liability Insurance $30.00,  

Nurse in a Bag $343.75, 

Technology Fee $350.00,

Laboratory & Equipment fee $652.00, 

Educational Support Fee $850.00

Nclex Predictor Assessment Fee $620

Graduation Fee $120

Nursing Aide (NA)

Application Fee $75.00 Tuition Fee $600.00 Professional Liability Insurance $30.00 Technology Fee $175.00 Textbook & Workbook & Uniform available populiweb online bookstore. After completion of program, Virginia Nurse Aide application fee to NACES is $95.00 (plus postage)


Application Fee $75.00 Tuition Fee $1055.00 Professional Liability Insurance $30.00 Technology Fee $175.00 Clinical Kit $150.00 Laboratory & Equipment fee $200.00 (students are responsible for purchasing their own school uniform, textbook, and paying for their state application and examination fees). 30 needle sticks are given free to each student per NHA requirement before certification. After completion of Program: Certification Examination and processing fee (NHA) $110.00

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