"For as long as I am a nurse, I will always look back to my days at Ultimate Health School as the foundation for my career. Being very new to nursing and the geographical area yet armed with the only knowledge- I wanted to be a nurse, I contacted UHS and they lead me through the application process very efficiently. Although I only had a few weeks’ time, thanks to their assistance and understanding I was able to quickly apply and begin the program without any delays. The administration made enrollment easy and without the usual roadblocks many potential students meet when applying to nursing schools. I was surprised at how quickly I was back in the classroom.

Once I become a student, I had wonderful instructors who not only had the knowledge but also the know-how when it came to sharing all they knew. With strong professional and educational backgrounds, the instructors were more than qualified to lead us in our program but beyond that they formed a real connection in our small class sizes because they fostered an atmosphere of open discussion. This was not to say that they were lax, because I have clear memories of long exams, pop quizzes, many lab sessions and hardly ever leaving the class early. They brought the right balance of discipline and fun to our class and it is because of UHS that I feel I have the knowledge I have. The instructors made themselves available to students and were selfless in their dedication to our success. All the students in my class passed their NCLEX on the first try. Our efforts combined with the resources we were afforded was the recipe for success.

I am grateful to UHS for the opportunities they provided and have remained in contact with staff long after becoming an LPN. With the help of UHS I have fulfilled my dream of becoming a nurse and have almost a year of gainful employment under my belt. I would recommend the UHS practical nursing program to all those serious about getting their start in the nursing field."


- Narelia Olivarez Arzuaga- LPN Graduate, 2013

"I want to say here that my success story in life can never be complete without mentioning Ultimate Health School.

Students often complain of how strict UHS has always been, but that is only to help build students to face the challenges they would encounter in the nursing profession. At UHS, everything is simplified.

UHS has a handful of qualified, dedicated, and selfless instructors who take time to inculcate and impact knowledge into the students, both in the classroom and hands-on clinical settings, whereby providing quality education.

I was taught at UHS that I can be what I want in life only through hard work, commitment, constant reading, dedication, determination, and confidence - believing in myself and ability, and saying "YES I CAN DO IT", no matter how difficult and stressful it might look.

UHS prepared me, built my confidence and made me know that I can handle a lot more that I believed I could ever handle. I am truly grateful to UHS.

For a nursing career, UHS is the right place to be"


 -Onosu Faith Uzezi- LPN Graduate, 2017

"What I can just say is that it was a good experience for me being a student at Ultimate Health School because, for my first few days at school especially our first clinical, I was asking myself if I would make it, but with the most experience teachers , we had at Ultimate Health School, everything went smoothly till my final board exams ."

- Solange Mankem- CNA Graduate, 2017

"You helped me to know what it is to pursue the right path for me. Thank you for being an amazing instructor, mentor, and a friend. you have changed my life."


- Adelynn Burgbacher- CNA Graduate, 2015

"Hi, I had a great experience as a new student at Ultimate Health School. The Welcome meal was great. Dr. Pamela Smith was amazing and I really like her, she is very knowledgeable, and helpful. Mr. Wisdom is a nice person, he is always there to help you no matter what.Ms Julia is sweet.Ms. Cecilia is a nice and sweet lady, love her!

The entire staff of Ultimate Health School is amazing .Looking forward to the progra"


-Current LPN student , 2018

"My experience at UHS was the best. My instructors were professional, caring, committed to their work and to their students. They do everything within their means to ensure that students fully understand the material I will always recommend my school to anybody."


- Ifedolapo Oyetimehin- LPN Graduate, 2014

"Ultimate Health School is a great school with great instructors who do everything they possibly can to ensure student success. I highly recommend UHS to all Future students."


- Mona Amire- LPN Graduate, 2014

"My academic journey at UHS was not without some challenges, but I really appreciate the support of the School. The staff and faculty members are very nice and helpful. Thanks Ultimate Health School."


- Kulwinder Gill- LPN Graduate, 2014

"I enjoyed the time I spent at Ultimate Health School. I love being trained to be a good CNA. I was impressed by the professionalism of the school, the commitment of the lecturers and that of all other staff. The students were given all the necessary skills required to have an outstanding performances while on the job and to ensure that patients receive the appropriate care.

The school is result oriented and the students are equipped on a competency based approach. Details are taken in to account and students are appropriately followed up before, during and after clinical training.

Thanks to MS Donna and to this wonderful Team!!!."


- Antoinette Ekam- CNA Graduate, 2017

"One thing I must not forget to say is that MS Donna is one of the best instructors I have ever met . Thank you so much for your guidance, supervision, instruction, availability, cooperation and coordination, way of clarification with examples, love, care and friendliness. It is nice going together with Ultimate Health school and especially Mrs Donna. This is the greatest experience I have ever had, and last but not the least , thanks UHS for providing me the platform to be a responsible CNA. Gonna miss you.

- Astha Pokhrel- CNA Graduate, 2015

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