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Ultimate Suite

‘Ultimate Suite” is our brand name for Personal Counselling sessions offered to all prospective students interested in applying to Ultimate Health School to pursue any of our programs. It is a ‘suite’ because we want to know you and help you to make the best academic and tuition financing decisions as an Individual. Yes, as an Individual!
When you register and attend ‘Ultimate Suite’, you will have the opportunity of meeting one of our affable counsellors who are highly informed, trained and experienced to help you select courses that align with your career goals as well as willing to provide you with all the resources and information you will need to apply successfully into any of our programs.

‘Entering Ultimate Suite’ gives you the chance to discuss anything from transferring credits, admission, class schedule, combining work with schooling, impact of any criminal conviction on your ability to pursue a learning opportunity with us and to take any board exams, scholarships and grants, available student loans, to the possibility of joining/sampling for one hour, live class session for a program you plan pursuing with us. This will afford you the additional opportunity to experience our teaching philosophy and our instructors at work.

Contact us today to schedule for the Ultimate Suite Sessions by submitting information below:

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