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Ultimate Health School is approved to offer its Practical Nursing program through residential and blended modes of delivery. The blended mode of delivery includes both distance education and residential components at its campus or at clinical sites. The School only accepts students whose physical address is in the State of Maryland or the Commonwealth of Virginia into its blended program option. All other students must be enrolled in the residential options – Evenings and Weekends.

Welcome to

Ultimate Health School

School of Nursing

Accredited by ABHES

An Institution Privately Owned Located at 7839 Ashton Avenue Manassas, Virginia.
UHS is Dedicated in Providing Quality Education.

COVID-19 Updates

Ultimate Health School is a nursing and allied health training institution located right in the heart of the central business district of Manassas, Virginia. Our location makes it easy for students and staff to access area businesses and government services, yet our serene, and neat campus surrounded by green and well-kept landscape make learning enjoyable and stress free. At UHS, we are dedicated to providing quality education not only to our students, but to our surrounding communities as well. We strive to continuously  improve our programs by focusing on the well-being of our communities as a whole and our students as ambassadors. We encourage our students to actively participate in these community centered programs. As you explore learning opportunities with us, we sincerely believe that you will be another asset to the UHS name academically, professionally, and at the community level.


"Ultimate Health School and its entire staff have one goal in mind; to help students achieve their desired goals. The academic environment is friendly and cordial yet performance driven. I was privileged to be at UHS and to be part of a professional and performance driven culture. UHS is for every hardworking and academically determined student."

- Anonymous- LPN Graduate, 2014



COVID-19: our PN educational offerings are in the distance format until the end of the pandemic restrictions. For updates on COVID-19, please kindly visit the link below.



The phlebotomy program has been discontinued for now until further notice. All the students who applied for the phlebotomy program will be refunded their full payments. Please checkout our Practical Nursing programs if you are considering a nursing program.

Approvals - Governing Bodies
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