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The Medication Aide class teaches students the basic techniques and safety procedures for medication administration. The six rights of medication administration and the regulations concerning prescription medications are taught. Medication Aides assist residents with medications, and students will learn the classifications and side effects of drugs used in various care settings and this course is intended to prepare students to safely perform the standard duties of a Medication Aide in licensed adult care/assisted living homes under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical/vocational nurse The class consists of 68 hours of theory and clinical instruction.



Our admission process is designed to be transparent, friendly and stress free as possible. We therefore require all applicants to read about the admission process thoroughly before applying. In case you need help at any point in the admission/application process, please call for assistance on (571) 379-7045.


Entry Requirements:

  • · A Student seeking enrollment in a medication aide training course, shall have successfully completed a direct care staff training required by the Department of Social Services for employment in an assisted living facility or an approved nursing aide education program.


Admission Process:

  •  Interested applicants must submit their application online or in person and pay a NON REFUNDABLE Application fee of $75.00

  •  Applicants must furnish the school with the following documents subsequently: ID, SSN card, PPD/Chest X- Test, Valid CPR and criminal background Check

If an applicant decides not to pursue admission into the program or does not show up in class at all, the amount of $225 shall be refunded.

  • Submit the required documents by the required date

  • The cost of the Medication Aide textbook/study materials is $75

  • Contact the school to purchase text book/study materials


Evening Schedule:

Monday- Thursday : 5pm-10:30pm
Duration: 3.5 Weeks


Next  Class starts: February 3, 2020

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