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This course enables the student to perform electrocardiography (EKG) and recognize and interpret basic cardiac rhythms along with atrial, junctional, and ventricular arrhythmias.  Recognition and identification of the location of various myocardial infarctions is also included in the course.  Utilizing the skills learned, the student will be able to identify and respond appropriately to life threatening cardiac arrhythmias and EKG changes.  



Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  1. Describe the anatomy and physiology of the heart.

  2. Describe the normal sequence of the electrical conduction through the heart.

  3. Describe the EKG characteristics of the following dysrhythmias, first degree AV block, second degree AV block and the complete heart block.

  4. Describe possible causes, signs, and symptoms, and emergency management of specified dysrhythmias.

  5. Describe and be able to demonstrate, the appropriate skills involved in taking, recording, and mounting an electrocardiogram (EKG).

  6. Identify the components of a pace maker system.

  7. Describe the EKG characteristics for dysrhythmias that originate in the atria the AV junction and in the ventricles.



Our admission process is designed to be transparent, friendly and stress free as possible. We therefore require all applicants to read about the admission process thoroughly before applying. In case you need help at any point in the admission/application process, please call for assistance on (571) 379-7045

Entry Requirements:

  • Official English translated high school transcript and/or GED required.



  • Interested applicants must submit their application online or in person and pay a NON REFUNDABLE Application fee of $75.00

  • Applicants must furnish the school with the following documents subsequently: ID, SSN card, PPD/Chest X- Test, Valid CPR and criminal background Check

If an applicant decides not to pursue admission into the program or does not show up in class at all, the amount of $225 shall be refunded.


Other Applicable Expenses:

  • Students are responsible for purchasing their own school uniform, textbook, and paying for their state application and examination fees.

  • Textbook(required)…………………………………………….$79.00

  • CET Online Study Guide……………...................................$69.00

  • Certification Examination and Processing Fee(NHA)………$117.00


Fridays Only: 9am - 5:00pm


Start Dates:

January 31, 2020


Duration Of Program:

10 Weeks

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